Badge Builder

Badges can be awarded automatically when certain critera are met. This is done with data collected by datanommer from the fedmsg bus. A text file written in YAML is used to define when and how a particular badge is awarded.

This tool may be used by administrators to create badge files for new badges, or by regular users to create badge files for badges they want to submit to an administrator for consideration. This builder does not submit badges anywhere, it is simply a useful browser tool.

Badge Builder


Running ﺎﻠﺘﺣﺮﻳﺭ (Tahrir) version 0.9.2 and Tahrir-API version 0.8.1.

You can submit new badge ideas on the fedora-badges tracker.

Please report bugs and file issues with التحرير (Tahrir) on the GitHub issues tracker.

This project is free software; you can find the source on GitHub.